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Northwest Video Workshop


Northwest Video WorkshopSEATTLE, WA (August 19, 2010) – If you’re ready to take your stories to the next level, then the one-day 2010 Northwest Video Workshop in Seattle in October is for you, workshop chair TJ Mullinax says.

“The Northwest Video Workshop is hitting the road to put the most incredible video specialists in Seattle to help refine your skills and to teach journalists how to tell compelling visual stories,” Mullinax said.

Combined, the workshop staff represents 171 Emmy Awards, 24 NPPA Regional Photographer of the Year honors, four Ernie Crisp Television News Photographer of the Year titles, and more than 15 national Edward R. Murrow Awards. “It’s not likely there ever been more major industry awards represented in a single conference,” Mullinax said. “So be sure to join the team in Seattle for an incredible day.”

The workshop will be hosted by KING5-TV in Seattle on October 16, 2010, and registration for the day is $35. For NPPA members and students, registration is only $20. Registration is available online at nwvideoworkshop.com.

–Rough Itinerary –


- Morning: Beginning of shootout

- Night: Social Q&A with Seattle news directors on state of the industry


Opening Shot

Kurt Austin and Adam Tischler

Kurt and Adam will give away their secrets on how they stay focused and excited about their craft in the daily challenges of the daily grind.

Storytelling Toolkit

“Speaker to be announced” (Keynote sponsored by KING TV)

There’s a unique approach to “layer upon layer” and “gold coin” storytelling. When the concept is understood, it can be easily applied to every assignment. Vital to the technique is character development and making the most of natural moments. In this keynote session you will learn the skills to help you create stories efficiently and effectively.

Ethics smethics — dilemmas we all face

Tony Overman & panel

The delightful and engaging TonyO will moderate an ethics panel relevant to all discussion. Questions don’t stop surfacing from this murky multimedia pool, so prepare yourself by hearing the difficult mire other journalists have found themselves in. And please share your own situations too! Concerns about image and audio manipulation will be key to the session.

When you’re it – getting it done on deadline

Anne Herbst

It’s the most controversial industry philosophy television news has tackled in the modern age – solo video journalism. Many of us don’t like it but we have to face that it’s reality! In this session you will gain insight from a one man band. How can you accomplished everything all by yourself and still retain the quality you are accustomed to?

Teamwork is key

John Sharify and Doug Burgess

Working together can be a beautiful thing.  Doug and John often collaborate for KING5 News to produce stories that would not have been accomplished without solid teamwork. They will speak about how their individual approaches to storytelling work together to make the most of the daily grind.

The closer — Storytelling Toolkit II

Darren Durlach

A shooter’s equipment is important to getting those key moments and Darren will break down how to get the most from what you have on hand.  You will learn how Darren used multiple storytelling methods to achieve his back-to-back Photographer of the Year awards.


– Quick Bio’s –

Kurt Austin, KGW – Portland, OR

Kurt has been a television photojournalist for the past 27 years, the last 21 at KGW-TV in Portland, Ore. During his time there, he has been very active in the NPPA, and has participated in seminars throughout the Northwest.

He has shown his work and talked about his craft in seminars from Anchorage to San Francisco. Austin has won 19 Seattle-area Emmy awards and was named the Region 11 TV Photographer of the Year six times because it’s his habit to put forth 100% every day. Last year he won POY for the Western region (General Pool) in the newly restructured NPPA Quarterly contest. Austin often produces “nat-sound” photo essays, relying on the story subjects themselves to tell the story.


Adam Tischler, KING – Seattle, WA

He’s been to the big show – New York – Boston – San Francisco. Adam Tischler is intimately aware of producing compelling TV under a tight deadline. As a morning show photojournalist, Adam strives to match style and art with the aggressive pace of local news. Oh! And you could say Adam has an aggressive pace too.


Tony Overman, The Olympian – Olympia, WA

Tony has been a staff photographer at The Olympian since 1997. He is a two-time Region 11 Photographer of the Year (1994 & 2004), winner of the 2005 Reid Blackburn Award for Outstanding Feature Photography and First Place winner in the 2006 Best Of Photojournalism Enterprise Picture Story.

Overman also serves as past President of the National Press Photographers Association, representing more than 7,000 newspaper, magazine and television photographers.


John Sharify, SCCTV/KING – Seattle, WA

After 30 years as a reporter, John Sharify still delivers signature stories that lift the spirits of his viewers.

John Sharify is currently a contributing correspondent for KING 5 News in Seattle, and the General Manager of Seattle Community Colleges Television. In 2010, Sharify was honored with 4 Emmys for his work at KING, including the top News Reporter Emmy.

John is a 37 time Emmy award winner with 6 National Edward R. Murrow Awards including the 2008, 2007, and 2004 National Murrows for Writing, which honors the top broadcast news writer in the country.  He spent 18 years at KOMO 4 News delivering his signature stories that lifted the spirits of Seattle area viewers. Sharify started his broadcasting career in N.Y.C. at WPIX TV nearly 30 years ago.

Sharify served as President of the Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences from 2006-2010. A graduate of Princeton University, Sharify went on to get his Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Directing from Columbia University. He’s currently working on a documentary about the Holocaust called “The Boys of Terezin”.  Sharify fine-tunes his craft by presenting workshops for broadcast journalists. He was on the faculty of the NPPA’s Advanced Storytelling Workshop in Lexington, Ky. in 2006, and 2007. The last two years, he’s presented storytelling workshops to broadcast journalists in Denmark.


Doug Burgess, KING – Seattle, WA

(to come)


Darren Durlach, WBFF – Baltimore, MD

Darren realized in the 3rd grade that his dreams of becoming an astronaut were unlikely when his teacher told him that math was involved. After a brief denial period he set his sights on the right side of his brain and after graduating from Radford University he started as a Production Assistant at NBC 29 in Charlottesville, Va and soon convinced the Chief Photographer to let him shoot. After attending a career changing NPPA workshop in Norman Oklahoma Darren got a job as a Photojournalist at Fox 45 in Baltimore where he still works and is honored to work with the best news people in the


Darren’s greatest career achievement was winning back to back NPPA Ernie Crisp Photographer of the Year Awards for 2009 and 2010. The best part of winning is getting the chance to hear from amazing speakers and enthusiastic storytellers at conventions around the country. Darren has been honored with 11 Emmys and numerous NPPA and AP awards. He was also named the 2008 and 2009 b-roller of the Year.


Anne Herbst, KUSA — Denver, CO.

Anne Herbst shoots like a girl. What does that mean, exactly? It doesn’t mean that she has a horrible jump shot—in fact, she dominates at “horse” on the basketball court. What Anne thinks it means is that she shoots and edits with her heart and her gut. She believes that gorgeous shots of sunflowers and rainbows don’t make for perfect stories -— perfect moments do.

Anne has been shooting for about six years—some of them in graduate school at CU- Boulder, some of them at KWCH in Wichita, KS, and the rest at KUSA in Denver, CO.

During this time she’s won some Emmys, many regional and national NPPA awards— including the 2009 NPPA Photographer of the Year for the western region—and a regional Murrow—but the coolest thing has been being a member of the staff that won the NPPA’s 2008 Station of the Year.

At KUSA, Anne not only shoots and edits, but regularly writes and produces her own stories. She thinks even press conference stories can be a blast, and loves doing stories on interesting people with odd hobbies. Anne thinks it’s important to try to have the most memorable story in the newscast—and also the loudest laugh in the newsroom. It doesn’t hurt to have a sweet jump shot either.

NPPA Convergence

Screen shot 2010-07-23 at 8.27.40 PM

There have been a lot of incredible speakers at the 2010 NPPA Convergence in Charleston South Carolina. But the lessons continue after hours. I shot a quick video of Edit Foundry‘s Shawn Montano as he dove into a quick lesson on how to shoot Tony Overman (in a bikini) for a sequence while eating dinner at a restaurant in downtown Charleston. Great stuff so far and amazing people.

Video Storytelling Workshop: 2010 Edition | Poynter’s News University

Screen shot 2010-08-11 at 4.46.00 PM

Learn how to be today’s savvy video journalist. Produce creative stories while making immediate deadlines, multitasking as a solo reporter, covering the same-old-story assignments, and managing nonconventional devices to get the story done.

This is your opportunity to learn from veteran journalists who are successful at handling new technology and adapting to new reporting practices, all while staying creative.

Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 10:00am Eastern Time

Video Storytelling Workshop: 2010 Edition | Poynter’s News University.

March 2010 Clip Contest Winners

Meridian's Tait Slesk,left, and Josiah Sebens walk off the court as the Cougars celebrate their 45-35 win over the Trojans in the championship game of the Class 1A State Boys' Basketball Tournament Saturday March 6, 2010 in Yakima, Wa. (Andy Bronson/Bellingham Herald)

The March 2010 winners of the regional digital clip contest. Links to the winners appear below.


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The Kalish 2010 workshop now accepting applications


Looking for a really good visual storytelling workshop that you can afford? Do you want to learn cross-platform/multimedia skills from a faculty of Emmy and Pulitzer Prize winning visual editors including Brian Storm, Geri Migielicz, Sue Morrow, Randy Cox, Kenny Irby and other industry experts?

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Photographer in the Spotlight

Anthony Bolante

14 Feb 2011

A Coast Guard helicopter is dwarfed in size as it surveys at first sunlight the ecological damage caused by the 639-foot tanker New Carissa which broke into two after running aground at Coos Bay, Oregon

Seattle photographer Anthony Bolante of The Image Arsenal is a multimedia journalist and editor with more than 20 years of professional experience specializing in editorial photography, sports photojournalism and adventure documentation. Born in Honolulu and now based in Seattle, Anthony has worked … [Read More]